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“Warmest greetings,

God is so good. Recently I have had the opportunity to meet with Tom Moyer, the General Manager of WAVA an affiliate of Salem Network Radio Broadcasting. Salem is the third largest radio network in America with 94% United States Coverage. In the greater Washington, DC area WAVA has a listening audience of over 6.1 million. A recent WAVA survey indicates that nearly one million of these people are looking for a Bible believing Christ-centered church within the next twelve months. Tom also confirmed that the hottest topics are prophecy and health. What an opportunity God has given us and what an amazing door God has opened. Last week we signed a contract with WAVA that also includes Sirius radio coast to coast in America. We are able to offer Bible Studies over the air and are working with the Voice of Prophecy to establish a local Bible School especially for interests in Northern Virginia. We will also advertise our upcoming meetings beginning March 23 at the Best Western.

Please communicate this thrilling news to our church members and interests. Here are our radio times.

WAVA 105.1 FM, Saturday at 3pm.

WAVA 105.1 FM Sunday at 1pm

Sirius XM 131, Saturday at 1:30pm

Sirius XM 131, Sunday at 11:30am

This opportunity also provides us with web page coverage through WAVA and multiple interview opportunities over their Network each year. Here is what you can do to make this venture a success.

1. Place these times in your church bulletin, church and conference Newsletters.

2. Encourage your members to pray for the broadcast

3. Encourage your members to listen to the broadcasts

4. Encourage your members to call the station and express appreciation for the programs.

Our first program airs Sabbath, January 6 at 3:00pm. Let’s be praying God will work a miracle through this adventure in faith and an adventure in faith it is. We are in something much larger than us to develop 104 programs per year at thirty minutes each and to personally raise around $100,000 per year for air time. This is bigger than we are but we serve the God of the impossible who blesses big dreams and giant leaps in faith. Join us in this faith venture for Christ by lifting the programs up in prayer.

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